Professional Audio Mastering Services with Metadata

Professional audio mastering services for worldwide digital and physical distribution, including metadata, and sound files in multiple formats and qualities, Broadcast (US and overseas), WAV, AIF, Apple Lossless, MP3, Redbook 24, CD, mono, stereo, surround, VR, etc from 44/16 to 192/64.


$150 per track*

*See film scoring for motion picture soundtracks

Complete On Location Audio Recording Services

Complete on location sound recording services for broadcast, film, podcast, interviews, special events, corporate, etc. 

Includes audio cleaning, time coding and formatting, set up, break down.


$350 Half day/ $500 Full day per shoot*

*Price negotiable depending on length of project, travel, etc.

Audio Repair and Restoration Services

Non-destructive audio repair and restoration of old recordings, poor quality recordings, removal of unwanted sounds, voices, etc.


$120 per hour

In-Studio Recording/Mixing/Engineering

Full service in studio recording, mixing and engineering currently for select clients on a case by case basis.  We will be expanding these services soon to accommodate larger groups & tracking sessions.


$120 per hour (plus $120 set-up & engineering fee per project)

On location PA/MC/DJ Services

On location MC & DJ services for special events, corporate meetings, CD release parties, etc. Utilizing a new, small footprint state of the art Bose system with wireless mic and bluetooth that can accommodate venues up to 300 people.


$120 per hour + $120 set up/break down fee*

*No set up charge if 3 or more hours booked.

Film Scoring & Soundtracks

Full service film scoring and soundtrack with major motion picture sound design capabilities in up to 22/4 surround.


*Please call or email to discuss contractural pricing.

Custom Sound Therapy

Custom Sound Therapy utilizing a blend of the latest technologies with ancient sound generation designed to help facilitate everything from relaxation, meditation, healing, accelerated learning, improved cognition, sleep, etc.*

  • Highest quality surround, multi-dimensional field recordings of nature, oceans, brooks, streams, rivers, birds, waterfalls, vortexes, etc.
  • Isochronic and Binural brainwave patterns, Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, Gamma, Epsilon, Lambda, etc.
  • Tuning forks and sonic tubes.
  • Ancient antique singing bowls at 440hz and 432hz tuned to each of the in and out of body chakras and energy centers of the body.
  • Native American and Shakuhachi flutes.
  • Indigenous percussive instruments from around the globe.
  • Multi layered synth and drone scapes.


*Pricing, starting at $350, is based on a client by client basis, but includes custom assessment of frequencies and brainwave entrainment needed to facilitate the mental/physical/emotional state you want to achieve, then custom made audio track/tracks on cd, mp3 and wave files that are one of a kind designed for your specific objective.


(Legal disclaimer:  Not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or heal any disease, mental, emotional or physical nor to replace any current psychological or medical treatments you are currently prescribed.)