Custom Sound Therapy

Custom Sound Therapy utilizing a blend of the latest technologies with ancient sound generation designed to help facilitate everything from relaxation, meditation, healing, accelerated learning, improved cognition, sleep, etc.*

  • Highest quality surround, multi-dimensional field recordings of nature, oceans, brooks, streams, rivers, birds, waterfalls, vortexes, etc.
  • Isochronic and Binural brainwave patterns, Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, Gamma, Epsilon, Lambda, etc.
  • Tuning forks and sonic tubes.
  • Ancient antique singing bowls at 440hz and 432hz tuned to each of the in and out of body chakras and energy centers of the body.
  • Native American and Shakuhachi flutes.
  • Indigenous percussive instruments from around the globe.
  • Multi layered synth and drone scapes.


*Pricing, starting at $350, is based on a client by client basis, but includes custom assessment of frequencies and brainwave entrainment needed to facilitate the mental/physical/emotional state you want to achieve, then custom made audio track/tracks on cd, mp3 and wave files that are one of a kind designed for your specific objective.